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struct mscabd_cabinet*(* mscab_decompressor::open)(struct mscab_decompressor *self, char *filename) [read]

Opens a cabinet file and reads its contents.

If the file opened is a valid cabinet file, all headers will be read and a mscabd_cabinet structure will be returned, with a full list of folders and files.

In the case of an error occuring, NULL is returned and the error code is available from last_error().

The filename pointer should be considered "in use" until close() is called on the cabinet.

self a self-referential pointer to the mscab_decompressor instance being called
filename the filename of the cabinet file. This is passed directly to mspack_system::open().
a pointer to a mscabd_cabinet structure, or NULL on failure
See also:
close(), search(), last_error()

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