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int(* mscab_decompressor::prepend)(struct mscab_decompressor *self, struct mscabd_cabinet *cab, struct mscabd_cabinet *prevcab)

Prepends one mscabd_cabinet to another, forming or extending a cabinet set.

This will attempt to prepend one cabinet to another, such that (cab->prevcab == prevcab) && (prevcab->nextcab == cab). In all other respects, it is identical to append(). See append() for the full documentation.

self a self-referential pointer to the mscab_decompressor instance being called
cab the cabinet which will be prepended to, successor of prevcab
prevcab the cabinet which will be prepended, predecessor of cab
an error code, or MSPACK_ERR_OK if successful
See also:
append(), open(), close()

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