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int(* mschm_compressor::generate)(struct mschm_compressor *self, struct mschmc_file file_list[], char *output_file)

Generates a CHM help file.

The help file will contain up to two sections, an Uncompressed section and potentially an MSCompressed (LZX compressed) section.

While the contents listing of a CHM file is always in lexical order, the file list passed in will be taken as the correct order for files within the sections. It is in your interest to place similar files together for better compression.

There are two modes of generation, to use a temporary file or not to use one. See use_temporary_file() for the behaviour of generate() in these two different modes.

self a self-referential pointer to the mschm_compressor instance being called
file_list an array of mschmc_file structures, terminated with an entry whose mschmc_file::section field is MSCHMC_ENDLIST. The order of the list is preserved within each section. The length of any mschmc_file::chm_filename string cannot exceed roughly 4096 bytes. Each source file must be able to supply as many bytes as given in the mschmc_file::length field.
output_file the file to write the generated CHM helpfile to. This is passed directly to mspack_system::open()
an error code, or MSPACK_ERR_OK if successful
See also:
use_temporary_file() set_param()

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