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int(* mschm_compressor::set_param)(struct mschm_compressor *self, int param, unsigned int value)

Sets a CHM compression engine parameter.

The following parameters are defined:

  • MSCHMC_PARAM_TIMESTAMP: Sets the "timestamp" of the CHM file generated. This is not a timestamp, see mschmd_header::timestamp for a description. If this timestamp is 0, generate() will use its own algorithm for making a unique ID, based on the lengths and names of files in the CHM itself. Defaults to 0, any value between 0 and (2^32)-1 is valid.
  • MSCHMC_PARAM_LANGUAGE: Sets the "language" of the CHM file generated. This is not the language used in the CHM file, but the language setting of the user who ran the HTMLHelp compiler. It defaults to 0x0409. The valid range is between 0x0000 and 0x7F7F.
  • MSCHMC_PARAM_LZXWINDOW: Sets the size of the LZX history window, which is also the interval at which the compressed data stream can be randomly accessed. The value is not a size in bytes, but a power of two. The default value is 16 (which makes the window 2^16 bytes, or 64 kilobytes), the valid range is from 15 (32 kilobytes) to 21 (2 megabytes).
  • MSCHMC_PARAM_DENSITY: Sets the "density" of quick reference entries stored at the end of directory listing chunk. Each chunk is 4096 bytes in size, and contains as many file entries as there is room for. At the other end of the chunk, a list of "quick reference" pointers is included. The offset of every 'N'th file entry is given a quick reference, where N = (2^density) + 1. The default density is 2. The smallest density is 0 (N=2), the maximum is 10 (N=1025). As each file entry requires at least 5 bytes, the maximum number of entries in a single chunk is roughly 800, so the maximum value 10 can be used to indicate there are no quickrefs at all.
  • MSCHMC_PARAM_INDEX: Sets whether or not to include quick lookup index chunk(s), in addition to normal directory listing chunks. A value of zero means no index chunks will be created, a non-zero value means index chunks will be created. The default is zero, "don't create an index".

self a self-referential pointer to the mschm_compressor instance being called
param the parameter to set
value the value to set the parameter to
MSPACK_ERR_OK if all is OK, or MSPACK_ERR_ARGS if there is a problem with either parameter or value.
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