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int(* mschm_decompressor::extract)(struct mschm_decompressor *self, struct mschmd_file *file, char *filename)

Extracts a file from a CHM helpfile.

This extracts a file from a CHM helpfile and writes it to the given filename. The filename of the file, mscabd_file::filename, is not used by extract(), but can be used by the caller as a guide for constructing an appropriate filename.

This method works both with files found in the mschmd_header::files and mschmd_header::sysfiles list and mschmd_file structures generated on the fly by fast_find().

self a self-referential pointer to the mschm_decompressor instance being called
file the file to be decompressed
filename the filename of the file being written to
an error code, or MSPACK_ERR_OK if successful

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