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int(* msszdd_compressor::set_param)(struct msszdd_compressor *self, int param, unsigned int value)

Sets an SZDD compression engine parameter.

The following parameters are defined:

  • MSSZDDC_PARAM_CHARACTER: the "missing character", the last character in the uncompressed file's filename, which is traditionally replaced with an underscore to show the file is compressed. Traditionally, this can only be a character that is a valid part of an MS-DOS, filename, but libmspack permits any character between 0x00 and 0xFF to be stored. 0x00 is the default, and it represents "no character stored".

self a self-referential pointer to the msszdd_compressor instance being called
param the parameter to set
value the value to set the parameter to
MSPACK_ERR_OK if all is OK, or MSPACK_ERR_ARGS if there is a problem with either parameter or value.
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